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Unlock is a protocol for memberships that allows creators to monetize their content, features, or membership levels by selling access keys.

Unlock is a protocol for memberships. It lets creator deploy their lock and sell access keys to anyone who wants to become member.


We believe donations and sponsorships are types of memberships. Supporters of open source projects and developers should receive a token for their contribution. With Unlock, they receive a non-fungible token which represents their membership.

These tokens can of course also be used to identify donors and maybe eventually offer them so unique content, features or schwag!

Try now: click on the ❤️ Sponsor button our Github page!

Start receiving donations

Are you looking for sponsorships, start today by deploying a lock, and then create your own donation page using Unlock.

Once you're done, you should show the list of members on your site or README pages: this can easily be done with a Member Wall image.